Backsheets & Frontsheets

For highly diverse PV module types: backsheets and frontsheets of the highest quality with proven long-term stability. So that solar modules do their job for a long time.

Outstanding features

Our products are crucial for the utilisation life of solar modules. In addition to electrical insulation, they offer protection against weather influences such as UV radiation, moisture and temperature as well as harmful environmental influences from gases or liquids.
  • extreme UV resistance
    high hydrolysis resistance DHT and HAST
  • long service life
    highest quality polymers
  • mono film solutions – no delami­nation
    maximum reflection – white back­sheets
  • maximum trans­parency
    chemical resistance
  • recyclable
  • printable
    reel/sheet with punching


You’re safe with Féron solar films.

Our solar films are used by module manufacturers worldwide and are available for a wide variety of module types.

  • Féron backsheets are used in crystalline modules for rooftop and free-field systems as well as building-integrated PV systems and in semi-flexible solar modules (e.g. on boats, buoys and caravans).
  • Féron frontsheets are mainly used in semi-flexible modules.

Our coating technologies: Air Side Coating, adhesive, Cell Side Coating

Our extensive tests: climatic tests, physical controls, chemical resistance tests

Outstanding film properties: all features in detail – from extreme UV resistance, maximum reflectivity of white backsheets and highest transparency of transparent frontsheets and backsheets to hydrolysis resistance and much more.


Backsheets and frontsheets from Féron

Convince yourself of the many benefits of Féron solar films in detail. If you should have very special requirements, we develop custom solutions according to your specifications.


Féron backsheets protect all components of a solar module throughout its entire service life and ensure a loss-free energy flow. Active elements are optimally shielded from environmental factors such as moisture, UV radiation, exposure to chemicals and mechanical damage. Conversely, the environment is protected from the active electrical elements of the solar module.

  • CPx: Mono film backsheet based on polyolefin
  • CAPx: Barrier film backsheet based on polyolefin
  • neoX CPC: PET-basis mono film backsheet
  • neoX CPE: PET-basis duo film backsheet
  • neoX PE trans: highly trans­parent film solutions for solar modules


Féron frontsheets are lighter than glass and easier to process. The higher light transmission also ensures improved efficiency of the active solar layers.

Insulation Sheet

Specific special solutions

Special applications demand special solutions. This is why we develop customer-specific products for both the latest technologies (including thin film technology or BIPV) as well as for traditional technologies. Whether frontsheets with excellent transparency or with an extraordinarily high water vapour barrier: the Féron portfolio also includes many special developments.

Which solution do you require? What are your requirements?