Backsheet neoX CPE

The duo film solution based on PET

Well on track


The use of backsheets with E-layers now becomes safer with this duo-film solution. For customer benefit and environmental awareness, three-layer fluorine-free and fluorine-containing backsheets can be dispensed with during processing.

The neoX CPE backsheet is an innovative film solution. It consists of a high-performance PET film (over 3,000 h DHT) and an encapsulating promoter. Both are laminated together and coated with Air Side Coating for maximum resistance on the air side.

The backsheet has a physical weakness less than traditional TPT or other backsheets with E-layer (primer) such as PPE or TPE. This makes neoX CPE significantly more reliable. Recycling is possible without problems.

neoX CPE backsheet facts

  • best UV/xenon protection for PET films in the PV market – xenon test of more than 25,000 h according compliant to ISO 4892-2
  • outstanding UV protection and adhesion to encapsulant embedding materials due to encapsulant promoter
  • fluorine-free
  • up to 3,000 h damp-heat stability
  • excellent weather resistance and adhesion to junction box adhesives thanks to Air Side Coating
  • environmentally friendly and recyclable
  • no release of toxic hydrogen fluoride during thermal disposal and in the event of fire