Backsheet neox CPC

The mono film solution


The neoX CPC with Air Side and Cell Side Coating backsheet is a mono film solution that is on a par with conventional, established backsheets in terms of resistance and also offers decisive advantages.

During production, a high-performance PET film is provided with two Féron coating systems for electrical insulation. We do not use Tedlar® or other fluorinated films. The often problematic lamination therefore becomes superfluous. By dispensing with unstable hot melt adhesive films such as EVA as a primer, neoX CPC offers the best possible safety for solar modules (insulation). Due to the high melting point of the backsheet (>250°C) no thickness change in the lamination process is possible.

Due to their single-layer structure, neoX CPC backsheets no longer have any physical weak points as occuring in laminated compounds. Safe recycling is possible without problems.

neoX CPC backsheet facts

  • best UV/xenon protection for PET films in the PV market – xenon test of more than 25,000 h according to to ISO 4892-2
  • excellent weather resistance and adhesion to junction box adhesives thanks to Air Side Coating
  • backsheet solution with PET mono films
  • free of unstable hot melt adhesive films
  • no laminated compound, no delamination between film layers
  • up to 5,000 h of damp-heat stability
  • outstanding UV protection and adhesion to encapsulant materials thanks to Cell Side Coating
  • environmentally friendly and recyclable
  • no release of toxic hydrogen fluoride during thermal disposal and in the event of fire
  • fire class T according to UNI 8457 and UNI 9174, similar to DIN 4102-1 and 66084