Resistant Substrates

Functionally coated films, based on PET, PP, HDPE and aluminium, as well as paper/film laminates for both the label industry and the graphic industry.


Our robust MONOTEX® and TRITEX® product solutions are suitable for a wide variety of printing processes and are available in various grammages and thicknesses. They score with features that precisely meet the specific customer requirements.
  • water-resistant
  • recyclable
  • long service life
  • printable
    can be rewritten by hand
  • anti-static


What adheres is important.

Wherever quality and longevity are important, Féron’s insensitive and durable base materials display their advantages. The printed end products are used in:

  • horticulture and tree nurseries
  • various industrial sectors: steel, construction and chemicals to apparel and foodstuffs
  • the health sector
  • the leisure and tourism industry
  • the automotive industry
  • logistics

Products & surfaces

Whether single-layer films, three-layer compound materials or specially developed products with special properties according to customer requirements: our functional coatings and laminations of paper, plastic films and aluminium films offer you a variety of product solutions.

Our products ensure the best results in highly diverse printing processes and comply precisely with individual customer requirements – even if these are very specialised. See for yourself.

Synthetic surface: MONOTEX®

Paper-like surface: TRITEX®

Custom product solutions

It depends on: What are your requirements? What characteristics should the print substrate have? For which application should the print substrate be particularly suitable? And if two or four-layer compounds are the right solution for you: we also produce these for you according to your preferred specifications.