Sheets neoX PE trans

Highly transparent sheets with many benefits

Our highly transparent neoX PE trans sheets are innovative two-layer film laminates.

neoX PE trans consists of a transparent high-performance PET film (over 3,000 h DHT) with outstanding UV resistance and an encapsulant promoter. It is used in the BIPV sector and bifacial cell technology and is also used as a backsheet and frontsheet. For special applications a thick E-layer is used in the neoX PE trans sheet which provides the overall structure with corresponding stability by thickening it to 400 µm flexible modules.

neoX PE sheet facts

  • outstanding UV protection and adhesion to embedding materials due to encapsulant promoter
  • very high transparency
  • up to 3,000 h of damp-heat stability
  • environmentally friendly (fluorine-free) and recyclable
  • no release of toxic hydrogen fluoride during thermal disposal and in the event of fire