We thoroughly test our solar films so that they meet the highest demands. See for yourself!

Climate tests

To test the resistance of the solar films under extreme climatic conditions, all products are subjected to the DHT at 85 °C and 85 % relative humidity (IEC 61215, procedure 10.13). The even more intensive 48-hour pressure cooker test is also implemented at 121°C, 1.21 bar and 100 % air humidity.

Temperature and Climate Test Chamber

In the weathering test, all frontsheets and backsheets are exposed to artificial weathering with radiation (xenon light) in accordance with ISO 4892-2. All samples are subjected to colour and gloss measurement as well as an adhesion test.

Physical controls

The mechanical stress on frontsheets and backsheets is extremely high both in the production of solar modules and in operation under a wide variety of climatic conditions. The tensile and tear strength as well as elongation at break and adhesion to the embedding material must be reliably ensured. To ensure that our films meet all requirements and guarantee a long service life they are tested before and after accelerated ageing.

Shrinkage is determined after 30 minutes and 150 °C in longitudinal direction and transverse direction. If the required values are achieved, the stresses in the material are guaranteed to be minimal.

Our solar films demonstrate very good adhesion to junction box adhesives and various embedding materials. The outstanding adhesion values are determined in the T-peel test. Even after 1,000 hours in the DHT the values are still very high.

The scratch and abrasion resistance of our films is correspondingly reliable. Any damage from outside (during service life or installation) is significantly reduced.

Chemical resistance

Frontsheets and backsheets are exposed to chemical aggressors (e.g. during cleaning of the surfaces). That is why we test our frontsheets and backsheets for the impact of various chemicals such as isopropanol, MEK, acetone or for the effects of an ammonia-rich environment such as in agriculture or sewage treatment plants.