Outstanding features

Convincing features: point by point

Extreme UV resistance

Best UV/xenon protection for polymer films in the PV market – xenon test of more than 25,000 h compliant to ISO 4892-2. This extreme UV resistance achieves a long service life of the modules.

High hydrolysis resistance DHT and HAST

According to the product, DHT stabilities of over 5000 h are possible, increasing the service life of the solar modules.

Highest quality polymers

Féron only uses films from qualified suppliers which are subject to regular inspections.

Mono film solutions – no delamination

The backsheet or frontsheet consists of only one film and achieves its functionality through coatings. No adhesive coating is required that could delaminate.

Maximum reflection: white backsheets

The reflection factor of the white backsheet reaches values above 90% and thus increases the efficiency of the solar modules.

Maximum transparency: transparent frontsheets and backsheets

With frontsheets and transparent backsheets, transparency is crucial for the module efficiency. Higher values (up to 94%) than those of glass are possible with transparent Féron solar films.

Protection against damage

The Air Side Coating ideally protects the core film against mechanical damage that can occur during production, use or assembly. In addition, this coating technology ensures resistance to chemicals (e.g. ammonia or cleaning agents).

Recyclable and environmentally friendly

Recycling of the backsheets is problem-free. No toxic hydrogen fluoride is released during thermal disposal. We also collect production waste and recycle it.