Decorative & functional foils

Noble and resistant metal and plastic foils: as surface decoration and function generator for laminates, wood-based panels, edgebands and much more.


Our foils are designed for all common processing methods in the laminate and wood-based materials industry as well as edgeband production and are equipped with special adhesion promoters. Special coatings provide colour and protection against numerous forces.
  • scratch-resistant
  • stain-resistant
  • antibacterial
    food contact
  • soft-touch
  • easy clean

Durable quality that you can see

Renowned manufacturers worldwide use Féron foils. So that their high-quality coated products impress at first glance and for many years to come.

Our foils can be used for a wide range of applications. We offer optimised solutions for kitchen and home furniture, table tops and worktops, edgebands and skirting boards, doors, interior wall cladding, mirror tiles, whiteboards and much more.

The ideal foil for any application

Our foil solutions have a wide range of different features to ensure that they meet the most diverse applications, requirements and design concepts. What’s important for you?

Different foils

Tailored specifically to your individual needs.

The product spectrum of our foils is highly diverse, because each of our customers have different requirements. Find out more about the various advantages and properties of our specific foil solutions. We offer you:

If you need out of the ordinary custom solutions with special features: don’t hesitate to contact us!