Frontsheets transluX EC

Decades of success in the PV market

Our highly transparent transluX EC frontsheets with Cell Side Coating are highly robust and feature excellent weather resistance and UV resistance. The transluX frontsheets also provide exceptionally good protection against external influences such as hail, fire and chemicals. They are very tear and impact-resistant and have an “easy-clean effect”.

No wonder that transluX solar films have been used with success for more than 25 years.

transluX EC

The single-layer solution with ETFE / ECTFE film


transluX EC frontsheet facts

  • proven in solar modules for over 25 years
  • UV, weather and temperature resistant
  • flame-retardant
  • easy-clean effect
  • excellent adhesion to encapsulant materials
  • higher transparency than glass
  • weight advantage over glass
  • outstanding UV stability (15,000h xenon test according to ISO 4892-2)