Roofing / Construction / Technology

Lacquered, laminated & specially coated materials

Safety and functionality are of decisive importance in a wide variety of construction areas as well as in technical applications. Thanks to our experience and expertise, we are able to implement highly demanding projects.

Web-like materials for permanent protection of house and home

Our products convince with excellent weather resistance, they serve as a reliable barrier layer, they are UV-resistant and are easy to process.


  • hip and ridge strips
  • PU foaming
  • insulating wallpapers
  • vapour barrier for bitumen coating
  • special protective foils

Product examples for technical applications

  • special coated aluminium for high voltage bushings
  • material for capacitors
  • coatings for chip card systems
  • window spacers
  • special solutions in the automotive sector


High product quality, skilled experts and motivation: this is what even large, renowned customers appreciate about us. They always count on us – for example when it comes to developing completely new products.

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