Foodstuffs industry

Finished aluminium strips, aluminium foils & laminates

Our products are used in many different ways in the food industry. For example coffee capsules, portion packs and semi-rigid containers as sealing films and much more. The details make the difference.

Finished aluminium strips and aluminium foils: Feraflex

Sealable, sterilisable, deep-drawable and/or heat-resistant

You get semi-finished material entirely fitting to your demands

  • container strips: sterilisable/non sterilisable
  • sealable container strips
  • small portion packaging
  • lid material of any type
  • peel off ends: sterilisable/non sterilisable
  • aluminium coffee capsules

Laminates made of aluminium, paper & foils

Simply well protected

Aluminium-paper laminates are our classics for

  • ice cream cones
  • foils for flan cases
  • wafer packaging
  • tobacco packages
  • composite cans
  • wrappings for take-away food

What can we do for you? Together we’ll find the right solution for the application you need.

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