Lacquered and laminated aluminium strips for safe, functional packaging

We fulfill the particular requirements of the pharmaceutical industry via the properties of our products. You can be sure!

Product properties

  • sterilisation resistance
  • antibacterial finishing
  • food-safe
  • sealability
  • excellent printability

Crimp cap materials

Our crimp cap materials are adapted to the production processes of our customers. Various aluminium thicknesses ensure the desired stability of the product. The colour coding is carried out according to customer specifications.

We produce strips for crimp caps in any size and quality.

Sealing films & special packaging

Our product developments are used as:

  • sealing films for caps and ports
  • sealing films for contact lenses
  • sealing films for diagnostics
  • special packaging

In close cooperation with our partners from the pharmaceutical industry we develop high-quality base materials for visually appealing packaging. Simply let us know your specifications!

If you like, you’re also welcome to take a look at the other industries we work for.