The three-layer compound material

This three-layer compound has the appearance of paper, but can do more thanks to its film on the inside. The core made of polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) or polyester (PET) provides high tear-resistance. The laminated aluminium films ensure, among other properties, 100% opacity, for metal detection and possible RFID protection.

For most of our TRITEX products, we use papers from sustainable forestry. These composite materials are certified according to FSC® C112071.

TRITEX is suitable for cutting, stamping, punching, drilling, perforating, folding, creasing, gluing and binding. The compound material is used for example as a hang tag, loop tag or luggage tag as well as a base for tickets, mailing bags, envelopes, travel tickets, admission tickets and ski passes.


Various material thicknesses and, dependant on the version, many functional properties: TRITEX meets a wide range of requirements.

Technical data

See the technical data and specific printing methods of our standard qualities at a glance.


If you need a three-layer film solution or a product with very special specifications: gladly!


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