Manufacturing processes /­ procedures


High Pressure Laminate

For the production of HPL laminates and compact boards on stationary multi-daylight presses, phenolic/melamine impregnated papers are used as core layers or decor. Féron supplies foils for this application with an adhesion promoter (primer) modified to the conventional process parameters. Decorative foils such as ALUDECOLUX® Butlerfinish 80 are provided with this adhesion promoter on the rear side. Functional foils such as magnetic board or damp barrier foils, each of which is used as an inner layer, are equipped accordingly on both sides with adhesion promoters. All foils can be supplied in sheets.


Continuous Pressure Laminate

In contrast to the stationary HPL process, laminate production with CPL is implemented in a continuous process. Here too, Féron supplies its foils on one or both sides with an adhesion promoter modified to the conventional process parameters. Apart from the magnetic board foil, all foils can be supplied in roll form.


Short Cycle/Low Pressure Laminate

The pressing of decorative foils and overlays in the low-pressure process on high-quality wood materials such as MDF, MDP or particle board is also possible, thanks to the adhesion agent applied to the rear side of the Féron foils. All foils can be supplied in sheets for this purpose.

Hotmelt Lamination

Using commercially available PU/PUR adhesives, all decorative aluminium foils from Féron can be laminated as finish foils onto high-quality wood materials. Supply is possible both in sheet and roll form.

Edgeband production

Due to a specially developed adhesion promoter, the lamination of Féron aluminium foils against ABS and PVC for the production of edgebands is possible in a one- or two-stage process.