Backsheet CPx

The new polymer backsheet

Mono film solution based on polyolefin

By combining weathering and hydrolysis stability, our CPx backsheet not only significantly increases the efficiency but also the service life of crystalline solar modules.

It features superior UV and weather stability thanks to the Air Side Coating technology developed by Féron. This coating solution provides perfect protection for the special polymer core film in the backsheet and therefore for the PV modules. Even 15,000 hours in the xenon test according to ISO 4892-2 show no changes to the backsheet.

The new backsheet is also extremely hydrolysis stable. Even a damp heat test over 5,000 h at 85 °C and 85 relative humidity does not impact the new backsheet. The CPx backsheet thus easily complies with the new IEC 61730 Ed. 2.

Until now, only fluorine-based backsheets offered such stability. Féron backsheets on the other hand are fluorine-free and thus meet the requirements of environmentally friendly technology. Even in the event of fire and during thermal disposal, no toxic hydrogen fluoride is released.

Backsheet facts CPx

Perfect performance for a long service life of PV modules

  • mono film backsheet solution
  • no film laminate – no delamination possible between the layers!
  • long-term stability with very high DHT (> 8,000 h) and HAST hydrolysis stability due to a new highly cross-linked polymer
  • outstanding UV stability (15,000 h xenon test according to ISO 4892-2)
  • high reflectivity, leading to a higher current yield in the module
  • exceptional mechanical properties
  • fluorine-free and free of unstable hot melt adhesive films
  • environmentally friendly (fluorine-free) and recyclable

Optimum handling in the laminating process

  • Lamination temperature and time similar to standard PET-based backsheets
  • very low shrinkage
  • no E-layer – no contamination of the laminator from the E-Layer
  • ideal replacement for PET-based backsheets