We research and develop

This has been our core business for decades: custom solutions “Made in Germany” for your requirements – from the idea to process optimisation. This is why research and development, implementation and production comes from a single source at Féron. With our team we always do our utmost to provide our customers with products including unique selling points. The research and development division is located directly at our company headquarters in Düren, Germany.

State of the art

Our R & D team has a broad range of experience, a healthy age mix and ensures optimum results through a constant transfer of knowledge.

Our motivation

Our research and development work focuses on the further development of technologies and products for existing markets. With curiosity we push on the product development for future markets.

Our workflow: resulting in optimal coatings and new products.

  1. We analyse problems and develop suitable lacquers, adhesives and special coatings. We use waterborne and solvent-based raw materials as well as solvent-free coating systems.
  2. Our lacquers are coated on a wide range of materials or are used for laminating them: aluminum, copper, stainless steel, plastics of all kinds, paper, cardboard, fleece and fabric.

To comply with the exact requirements, we modify and control chemical and physical properties, for example:

In short: different types of coatings and laminations are created for a wide variety of applications and thus new products.

Versatile laboratory technology for precise measurement results

In addition to extensive experience and qualified specialists, successful research and development work requires a modern park of technology park. For analysis, development and testing purposes we make use of a wide variety of measuring instruments:

Professional cooperation and continuous investment

If issues become particularly complex and e.g. analysis on a high-resolution atomic level are required, we work together with well-known German analytical companies.

And we think ahead: we regularly invest in modern laboratory equipment to ensure high-level research and development in the future.