Transfer laminating

Brilliant surfaces for packaging

Environmentally friendly, visually attractive and direct printable: in transfer laminating, a metallised surface is transferred from a foil to paper or cardboard. The foil is removed afterwards and can be reused several times.

This results in a plastic-free packaging. They have a very brilliant surface and are completely recyclable. This means that no disposal of compound material is necessary and what’s also important: no curling effect and no blocking.


The advantages of transfer technology at a glance

  • high brilliance and mirror effect on all types of paper and cardboard
  • direct printable
  • recycling: the final product does not contain any foil and is therefore recyclable
  • less impact on the environment
  • weight-saving
  • lower disposal costs thanks to monomaterial
  • variable design: gold or silver-shade, glossy or matt, holography

Fields of application

See examples of some of the industries in which transfer laminating is successfully used:

  • Printing and packaging
  • Cosmetics and health
  • Food & semi luxury food goods
  • Publishing and magazines
  • Cigarettes and tobacco


Numerous processing options

This is how individual packaging solutions are created.

The transfer-laminated packaging material offers a wide range of processing options:

Creasing ° Folding ° Bonding ° Punching ° Embossing ° Turning

The transfer side can also be printed in: offset printing, UV offset printing, flexo printing, gravure printing and digital printing.