Digital packaging

Fraud-resistant: coating systems with taggants and individual coding

Encoded packaging provides the highest security level. The digital encryption is invisible and easy to use. The cost benefit ratio is also very convincing.

How it works and what it can do

We integrate programmed taggants into our coating systems. They impress with special properties:

  • 100 % fraud-resistant
  • physically and chemically unreactive
  • no impairment to the surface
  • temperature-resistant up to 2,500 °C
  • forensically recognised
  • food-safe

The highest possible safety standards are achieved by

  1. individual programming and encryption with up to 1021 (= 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000) different codes
  2. absolutely reliable traceability
  3. maximum safety while encrypting and storing

Advantages for the end user

The most fraud resistant system on the market

Both financial losses and the potential production of duplicates are minimised.

Digital packaging has already established itself in many security-sensitive areas – for example jewellery, paintings, banknotes, certificates and tax stamps. The system is already mature and the reading devices are being constantly developed further.


You want to play it safe? Our specialists for digital packaging will be happy to take care of it.