Antibacterial surfaces

Long-lasting active lacquers

With our antibacterial coating systems, the effect develops consistently throughout the entire lacquer. Bacteria has almost no chance of spreading.

The lacquer additives are non-toxic, invisible and the solution is economical.

Convincing protection features

  • reduction of E.coli, S.aureus and MRSA by 99.9 % within 24 hours compliant to ISO 22196:2011 and JIS Z 2801:2012
  • removing of bacteria on a top level after just one hour
  • system with long-term protection
  • invisible, no impairment to the surface
  • food-safe
  • no usage of nano-sized silver
  • effectiveness in the entire layer


Antibacterial effectiveness in relation to time


After just one hour, the percentage of living bacteria is close to zero.

That’s important news. Because the global spread of bacteria is accelerating and their number is constantly rising up. The result of this is an increase in multi-resistant bacteria.

Surfaces that are coated with our antibacterial lacquers help to meet the growing hygiene requirements and counteract the spread of infectious diseases.